About Us

About Us

Professional Digital Marketing Consultancy for B2B Brands

We are a highly effective customer-centric focused digital marketing consultancy that generates online business growth for B2B brands.

We specialise in building marketing that performs for clients and establishes competitive advantage for businesses to develop, generate results and grow online.

Our Story

Founded in 2008 by Steven Wilson, Evo Media first operated in the Telecoms industry helping businesses to promote their products and services through voice and mobile technologies

Today, we continue to help businesses through strategy and digital technologies to grow in an ever changing digital world, with different marketing challenges and new buying behaviours.

Our Service


Business Growth Focused

We work with real business performance metrics and KPIs which can be directly measured against sales pipeline and business growth.

Proven Results

We have a proven track record of delivering amazing results for our clients and enjoy longterm working relationships.

Save Time & Money

We save our clients time and money through applying highly effective bespoke strategies and tactics that achieve business goals.

Our Approach

Our work involves working closely inside businesses, becoming a trusted advisor and digital marketing partner.

Our approach provides expert strategy and implementation of digital marketing activities that generates progressive business growth from online channels.

Why Choose Us?

Performance Oriented

We are a results-based company and serve to provide truly effective digital marketing strategies and tactics to provide real business results and a return on investment.

16+ Years Experience

We have over 16 years digital marketing experience working with and inside a range of SMEs. We are marketing experts focused on helping businesses grow online.

Your Digital Partner

We have a partnership approach towards all of our clients and actively work inside of each business with a shared interest in achieving your goals.